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OEM / Private Labeling / Laser Stamping / Custom Designing Printing And Packaging.

We are the OEM manufacturer of different kinds of Ophthalmic, Eye Surgery Instruments. We have the ability to create custom products for our clients and are always happy to work with our customers to develop new products and variation on existing products.

Prototypes are developed and produced innovatively in close collaboration with every customers using 2D, 3D-CAD. Thanks to over 25 years of experience, Eurotek Surgical Co. has the capability to assist you in fulfilling many of your design and manufacturing needs. Our experienced product design and manufacturing professionals are focused on quality, reducing overhead and increasing productivity. 

We are also in a position to offer development services for turning your inventive and innovative ideas into practical whether in stainless steel, titanium, nikal-titanium (NiTi), plastic or silicon material. Whatever is your requirement, we look forward to your contact.

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